Ramji Assar Vidyalaya’s

H. V. K. Tanna Jr. College of Commerce


Affiliated to Maharashtra State Board

JR. COLLEGE INDEX NO. : J.33.04.005

UDISE NO: 27230300414


Late Shri Laxmichand Golwala
Haridas Vishram Tanna

About Us

"I cherish a dream to be instrumental in guiding every child in Ghatkopar towards the light of knowledge, to open the doors of education to them so that they become better citizens of this country- our motherland" - Sheth Ramji Assar

The history of Ramji Assar Vidyalaya dates back to over 107years ago. It was the brain child of an epoch maker Sheth Ramji Assar , who laid the foundation of the first co-education school in Ghatkopar in June 1911. This institution was created with an objective of providing an environment for the students for their multifaceted development, where the children are encouraged to unleash their hidden potentials in the pursuit of excellence.

A small sapling which was planted about 107 years ago, today has grown into a huge tree with various branches to its credit functioning under it. R. A. V. Trust runs a group of educational institutions that imparts education from Playgroup (P.G.) to Post Graduation (P.G.)

The students of Ramji Assar Vidyalaya institutions are exposed to various opportunities to explore their talents, interest and innovative ideas. Students are provided with a platform to think, express and exhibit their skills. The institution is trying its best to make the best possible efforts to imbibe strong values along with academics and extra-curricular activities to the students. All the branches of our institutions have produced some of the renowned doctors, engineers, C.A’s, I.T professionals, politicians, who are well placed across the globe.

We have a team of dedicated staff members who incessantly work hard round the clock towards scaling new heights.

I also acknowledge my gratitude to the parents for their inexhaustible support in moulding the future of their children.

Please take a moment and do visit our institution’s website. We will definitely update you with our intriguing academic and co-curricular activities. Any queries feel free to contact us.

From the Principal’s desk

Prin. Jose Mathews

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." - Aristotle

H.V.K.Tanna junior college that functions under Ramji Assar Vidyalaya wadi trust runs a group of educational institutions that imparts education from Kindergarten to Post graduation.

The main focus of R. A. V. School & Tanna College is on the holistic development of the students and also to provide a platform for the students to unleash their hidden potentials.

We try to inculcate creativity, innovation, leadership qualities and confidence among the students which will help them to carve a niche for themselves in the future. We also try to create a safe and conducive environment that helps our students to learn and succeed.

We truly believe that education is a passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

(R. A. V. High School & H. V. K. Tanna Jr. College Of Commerce)

The Team of Excellence

Teaching Staff :

  • Ms. Bhatia Kirtida R. (M.Com, B.Ed, M.Phil.)
  • Mr. Jose Mathews T. (M.Com, B.Ed, M.Phil.)
  • Ms. Lata Jinendra Nahar (M.Com, B.Ed, M.Phil.)
  • Ms. Mamta Ajay Sood (M.Com, B.Ed.)
  • Ms. Sonal S. Sawant (M.A.[Eco], B.Ed)
  • Ms. Preeti Hasan S. (M.A.[Eng, Hist, Edu], D.Ed, B.Ed, M.Phil[Eng])
  • Ms. Madhuri Patil (M.A.(Mar & Hin) B.Ed. (Shikshan Sevak)

Part-time and clock hour Teachers :

  • Ms. Seema Singhadiya (M.A.Eco.)
  • Ms. Pranali bagade (M.Sc.Maths)
  • Ms. Sapna Dhakan (M.A.Guj.)
  • Ms. Ragini Upadhyay(M.C.A, M.A.Eng.)
  • Ms. Leena Hashmi (M.com, B.Ed., M.Phil, Pursuing P.hd.)
  • Mr. Dipesh Patel (M.Com, B.Ed.)
  • Mr. Chandan Jaiswal(B.Com, M.P.Ed)

Non-Teaching Staff :

  • 1. Ms. Madhavi M. Ved (Clerk)
  • 2. Mr. Suresh B. Davande (Supporting Staff)

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College Working Hours
  • Monday to Friday : 12.45 PM to 5.30PM
Office Working Hours
  • Monday to Friday : 11.30 AM to 6.30 PM
  • Saturday : 10.00AM to 2.00PM
  • Sunday Closed